Heartfelt Passing Volunteers

Our program helps to ensure that no patient passes alone, by being present during the final stages of life.

Pet Friends Volunteers

Screened and trained pets and volunteer owners to visit patients. By using the bond between humans and animals we can bring joy, love and soothing companionship to those on the end-of life journey.

Art for Heart Volunteers

Patients and families explore their creative side and express their feelings through visual art.

A Greater Healing Volunteers

With Aroma healing our goal is to create an environment that is not only comforting, but peaceful for our patients and their loved ones. Aroma healing can be used to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, improve sleep patterns and help alleviate stress for patients and the caregivers. Massage therapy performed by licensed and highly trained professionals provide a specialized healing touch to our program. Therapeutic massage can help can help relieve pain, improve circulation and induce a relaxation response.

Musical Enhancement Volunteers

Musical Artists to go into nursing homes and assisted living communities to play a musical instrument, piano or sing to patients.

Personal Pampering Volunteers

Licensed Hairstylist and Nail Technician’s to lift spirits by providing extra pampering to our patients.

Memories Made

Photography Volunteer to provide documentary style photography to patients and their loved ones.

Bereavement Volunteers

Visits, phone calls, support groups, memorial services, and send bereavement mailings.